The 16 year history, and the future of Outdoor Texas Camps has been, and will continue to be dedicated to the belief that understanding and enjoying the great outdoors is a very important part of every person’s life. The Outdoor Texas formula includes:
(1) The Best Location and Facilities available for each camp,
(2) A Complete and Detailed Course of Study on each subject taught, and
(3) An Experienced Staff of Texas Professionals to ensure success.
Safety, learning, and fun are the goals of each Outdoor Texas Camp.

Most Texas summer camps strive to become larger and larger, with many camps hosting hundreds if not thousands or campers each summer. Outdoor Texas has a very different plan. Outdoor Texas’ goals are safety, fun and learning, and Outdoor Texas strongly believes that these goals are far more achievable with a small number of campers per camp. Outdoor Texas Camps have between 12 and 24 campers per week, depending on the camp. These small numbers have the following benefits; 1) personal attention and safety are maximized, 2) one on one instructional time is greatly increased, 3) a family environment is generated – ensuring fun and new relationships. Outdoor Texas is proud to offer the most unique camp experience available in Texas.

CAMP CURRICULUM    All of the subjects and activities that are a part of the Outdoor Texas Camps are researched, detailed and executed in the most professional manner possible. The great outdoors of Texas and all of the hunting and fishing opportunities that exist within the state provides an endless teaching potential for the Outdoor Texas Camps. The camp activities are all designed to maintain and achieve the goal of safety, fun and learning.

CAMP INSTRUCTORS    All Outdoor Texas Camp instructors are selected based on 1) their knowledge of the subject, 2) their field experience, and 3) their ability to communicate with the campers in a positive manner. The Outdoor Texas staff is no doubt the Best of the Best!

CAMP LOCATION    The Outdoor Texas Camp locations are selected on the basis that each represents the best possible camp site in keeping with the Outdoor Texas goals of safety, fun and learning. Each camp site is dedicated to the subject and the activities of that particular camp.